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Careers at CatchThatBus

CatchThatBus is changing the way people travel. By seamlessly connecting passengers to buses through our apps, we make travel more accessible, opening up more possibilities and business for bus operators. From our founding in 2012 to our launches we are expanding across Malaysia and Singapore rapidly. In 2015 we will be expanding across South East Asia.

What We Are Looking For

Passion and Motivation

Believe in the vision of CatchThatBus. Be prepred to hit the ground running and learn as quickly as possible. Take ownership and own it!


You have to be hungry to change the landscape of travel. Keep asking questions.

Speed, Attitude and Expertise

You can be taught to be a subject matter expert. However you have to have the right attitude and passion to build a great product delivering happiness to customers daily.


We are here to build a product that will be the best available. And we hire people who are smarter than us to be able to execute our vision. Leaders aren't born they are made.

Hunger and Willingness to Sacrifice

We are a startup, as such you will be required to take on more than your fair share of responsibilities which means learning new things. Take it as a challenge!


You're part of a startup, expect to work independently but ask questions no matter how stupid/idiotic they may sound. Be ready to admit mistakes when they're made. There will be failures but learning from those failures will determine yours and the companies success.


We are looking for individuals who want to make an impact in the industry that we are in. If you're looking for a 9-5 job, CatchThatBus is not the right company for you.


As a startup every member of the team will be required to wear multiple hats and thus you should be ready to learn a new set of skills when called upon.

Sense of Humour and Cultural Fit

We look for people who can be part of our culture, skills are secondary.

Available Positions